New Topic: Tonight’s Presidential Debate

Visit the site if you want to talk Obama vs. Romney pre-debate.

New Topic: Gun Control in America

A new topic has been posted to the site: Gun Control in America. Given the sensitive nature of the topic due to recent Aurora movie theater shootings, this is a good topic to not have a screaming match about but rather a chance for a thoughtful discussion on the topic.

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Abortion was the one of the topics I was the most worried would draw out a “screaming matches” as described in this site’s title, but this absolute gem of a discussion raised and counter-pointed a number of different arguments on both sides. 

It’s an absolute joy to listen to two reasonable people have an informed discussion about a typically inflammatory topic for 30 minutes and actually spend the time to listen to each other’s viewpoints.

My interview with NPR’s “On The Media” talking about the genesis of Political Screaming Match.

New Topic: Romney’s Bain Departure Date

Just posted a new topic - whether or not  Romney’s Bain Departure date is an important topic worth discussing or whether it’s a distraction from real topics, like the economy, that the campaign should revolve around.

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Starting off with the refrain of “Why do you think you’re god?” this conversation turned into a good back and forth on Obamacare, the health care system in general, insurance companies and the role of government.

What started out with a little bit of fake name calling turned into a wide-ranging discussion on a whole number of different issues - maybe there is hope for this country after all?

Now connect without a cell phone

The site has been updated to allow users to connect without entering their cell phone and instead just use your computer’s mic and speakers.

If you’ve been unwilling to trust your cell phone number to some random dude on the Internet (it’s ok, I understand) you can now give it a shot even more anonymously.

Hit up the site to give it a try:

I’ve also posted a Privacy Policy.

Site Updates, Audio, Privacy Policy

Didn’t expect this to take off like it did without a bigger push - there will be site updates allowing users to use their microphone and speakers, we’ve switching to a single Issue at a time, we’ll start posting audio and will be adding an explicit privacy policy that states phone numbers you enter will never be given out but audio will be posted to the internet.

Site Launching soon

As soon as the DNS finishing switching over will be live